SD010 | Answers EP




Answers Lp is the limited 12" Vinyl reissues of the last effort of serbian hardcore punk band Reflections Of internal rain. This album composed of 7 songs,it was selfreleased on our tour in 2011 in a ltd cd version for their last tour. Now StrikeDown Records and Brain Achè Records have joined their own forces to release it in a limited 12" vinyl version.

1. Imagined Glow
2. Committed To Silence
3. With One Eye Opened
4. Flashes Of Ease
5. Answers (Free Download)
6. Previous Year
7. Army Barmy

19th may 2012

- 250 12" trasparent clear Vinyls


released February 2, 2012



all rights reserved


STRIKEDOWN Cagliari, Italy


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Track Name: Imagined Glow
I did not believe that the glow, imbued by truth, for which I was blind,
and the dust in the air gave the impression that there was enough
halting. Every thought was surplus and I realized that, finally I am
aware of my deficiency.
I no longer know the colors and I start to believe in the moment while
reject the painting of thirty percent of paradise that would be disturbed. .
If my last breath went away in seven days out of the cage, it would
not be hard to find the beginning that holds it by it’s nerves. I’m ready
to erase all if another day strives for delaying the inevitable fall.
Let the river flow away and breed in my look to make this the last
sobering in order to recognize the meeting with completeness that is
fading away. I only wish for the rain to stop, only to forget how to
think, in order to keep on walking over the sharp remains of this
imagined glow.
Track Name: Committed To Silence
Can you see me becoming cold, out of every stream, maybe i'll go tomorrow…
…not forgiving myself starvation in order to allow somebody else to be sated.
Thinking about others thoughts, leaves me with not enough strength
to build a place to hide.
There's no tomorrow, it's an image that provokes every decision and it
has to mean the end… stopping blood, that's dripping the last days in
wich i can't connect two facts that mean accepting all, but…
I do not agree with loosing the clear picture and whole making up the
need and the possibility of choise…cause...
Their faces will remain colored with monothony, with no tendencies
for need to become a part of our memories.
We'll learn if their claims are true, are they committed to silence.
Track Name: With One Eye Opened
Please, give me just one more chance to say how I found myself and

how I do not want this to fade. As every paper thrown in the

sun, every sheet written by the smile and erased from mind, sudden tears.

How everything was real and seemed as something regained.

As the solution for all the years of sitting and finding relief in drinking

up imaginary friends, imaginary questions. And where is the possibility

of getting up and realising that the rain is not so heavy any more.

Are there any chances to ask a question, would you like to try for real?

To learn that the very beginning is already the end of our journey and that

we are already blind of watching wet windows.

Let's put together our eyes in triangle, so we could live in present, save

the future and with one eye opened, forever to sleep.
Track Name: Flashes Of Ease
Can I see myself out of this body,

ahead the thing that satisfy my inner hollow

and erase me every time when I imagine that I really exist

(and try to speak out something)

the side that'll keep me awake, when only I know for darkness.

Creation puts me in the corner where nothing is enough

(where my wishes die)

and when I choke a little, trying to keep the continuity,

my every thought becomes transparent,

and my steps do not leave the clear trace

Am I addicted to creation?

Could my hands bare the burden

before I feel the pressure in my head?

Not to think of another emptyness?

And even then i'll not be there

again, i'll fly to the flashes of ease

and reflections of calmness of the broken window,

that make narrow choise of all the world,

and the low level of water that I can drink

in order to open my eyes tommorow.
Track Name: Answers
Sometimes, the change from the core is needed for opening the new worlds.

For, there’s no feeling that can change the fulfillment,

when you feel that no longer, you inhale the identical morning.

Running away from a day to a night will not make the clear picture

of the next questions about looks on their faces.

And then you realize that it’s easier when you just breathe

and leave tiny space between waking up and the monothony of everyday life.

There will be no questions and answers, nor days or nights,

you’ll stay awake and be aware of that last force for the true words.