SD009 | Towards The Light - EP




Trento Hardcore Furios is come back. New HARDWAY album include 5 new tracks of instense, visceral and relentless hardcore with gloomy lyrics describing anger, hope, pain and dreams in drastic visions but always looking at the light at the end of the tunnel.

Recorded and mixed during February/March 2011 at NoEgo Studio (Laives, BZ - Italy). Mastered at Swift Mastering (London - UK). Artwork by Gold Spirit Art .

- Expect coming
- Drift away
- Still at odds
- Chased by guilt
- Where we're going to + outro

- 300 Cds

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released December 15, 2011



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STRIKEDOWN Cagliari, Italy


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Track Name: Expect Coming
The light is still right there, signal of expect coming
calm comes and then the storm is announced by the rain. By the rain! Get it and rend it, bite it and hold it no more nightmare, real desires a thin line divides the good and the bad make the move or wait invain.
Wait in vain! Life pains can't lash like the ashes, disappearing without hurt dreams become your reality, the first step is to belive it, Wait'em, find'em, you'll get'em, illusions or not, look as close by is the goal
Track Name: Drift Away
Deep hollow cliff face, black, neither the worst night
winding like vortex home of bleeding mutinies, theatre of battles and neverending conflicts, here's where rest the alones, shipwrecks and farewells. Cold more than ice, cimitery of lost souls ready to swallow every unfortunate,
the wind goes to north, waves rise on fore and aft, "hold fast" says the old sea dog, while the rudder losts control.
Here is where drift away the abandoneds and the forgottens drown one by one, in the impervious waters
Track Name: Still At Odds
From the ancient age, demons are coming back
words wet with poison, it's going to be hard defeat'em I would see how you can do it, tear up their heads is not enough Guided by black furious horses, no one else remains in line once again on your own, face it, don't stand aside Hidden ghost keeping inside, rise up from the graves don't dissapoint yourself, could be the hardest way could be the easiest way, which one you choice could be the last
Track Name: Chased By Guilt
Shortness of breath behind me, run run run like a prey
unnatural noxious feeling of having done a wrong guilt
Even the body won't react, eyes can't be open for more than one second impotence, threat and discouragement are the weapons point on my back The chase is not over, something else join the hunt but now i fall in a trap, blind-alley Everything around cut my skin like a grinding bloody blade The pain starts to come inside
stop any drops fall out Confusion is what prevails on me, distress is what my body cries One more instant of this torture will be devastating, almost collapse with exhaustions, suffering for something like your sins, your faults, your crimes
Track Name: Where We're Going To
Grow up with no expectations this generation is a clear example of where we're going to Just look around the people try to get something more they can never have
This is what make us sink, to the point of no return
Fake smiles and a pack of lies to hide hypocrisies, deceites and corruptions What's gonna be your legacy on this world? Who's gonna take the reins of this game? I don't even try to foresee if all this still going on grey future and few hopes, this is all we gonna leave