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released June 15, 2011

Forget The Rain is the Cardiff based hardcore band Foxxes first release. 7 Tracks of energetic guitars, pounding drums and aggressive vocals is all mixed with an underline melody. Forget The Rain is the bands way of expressing a hatred for the state of the world around them.
Recorded by James Hackett and Stu Mckay @ Studio 6 (Swindon, UK) in February 2011. Mixed and Mastered by James Hackett in March 2011.
Layout & Artwork by Francesco Liori (more than life/gold kids)

- Darkest Days
- Only in dreams I'm alive
- Love is loneliness
- Live with the past
- Winters alone
- Forget the rain
- Escape myself

- 200 7" Vinyls black/gray haze
- 300 7" Vinyls black



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STRIKEDOWN Cagliari, Italy


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Track Name: Only in dreams I'm alive
Dreaming of a place, where life means more.
So much hate, no one cares in this world.

I want this to end, everything to die,
escape from this misery you call a life.
It rains everyday, it drags me down,
never growing stronger; just feel so fucking weak.
Everything is so dark, it’s always so cold,
Will I always be on my own?
I need someone to show me the right way.
Take me away from this place tonight.

I want you to feel
how it fucking feels.

I want you to see
what I see.
What I fucking see.

The pressure of your hands, is pushing me down.
I’ve made so many mistakes, so hard to put right.
A massive disappointment to myself.
I am wasting my life, I’d rather be dead.

There’s only hate, nothing is this world worth fighting for.
We live and we wait to die, I am ready to die.

Nothing left for me, I just want to close my eyes.
Nothing left for me, let me close my eyes one last time.
Track Name: Love is loneliness
The first time I saw your face, I’ve never felt so alive.
Your beautiful blue eyes, bring colour to my life.
The cracks in my heart begin to heal, my black soul starts to shine. Been waiting for so long for something, you are the something I’ve been waiting for.

I’d do anything not to have to be alone anymore.
I promise I will never let you down.
Please let me show you what its like to really be loved.
I’ll make you my life, I’ll give you my heart.
Don't let me fall apart again, you can keep me together.
This is my last chance, I want to make this work.

You are the only thing that can ever make me happy.
Spend our days growing old hand in hand side by side.
There’s nothing to hide from me, show me your true self,
Don't be scared.
You’re the only one for me,
always have been, always will be.

I still don't know who you are.
I’ll spend my days searching for you.
Whoever you are I will find you,
I’ll find you.

Whoever you are, I need you more than anything,
just to keep me alive and keep me going on and on.
Don't keep me waiting for long
Track Name: Live with the past
You’re fucking dead to me.
The pain still flowing through my veins,
after all these years it still affects me.
You made your choice, I pray to god it haunts you,
but I keep going on
because I’ve learned not to miss you.

My love for you died
on that cold winters day.
All respect that was once held,
vanished in those words.
I’ve never felt so alone,
sleepless nights and nowhere to go.
From that fateful day
I still live on.

The past is the past
and that day is long gone.
I am going to live my life
and I am going to prove you wrong.
Don’t need you in my life,
I am going to prove you wrong.
Track Name: Winters alone
Another car goes by with its headlights on.
I begged you not to leave; now I walk for days
and try to forget the words you said,
have to deal with the pain on my own.
There’s no one there, in my head,
I try to forget all the times you said you love me.
A tear runs down you face as you say goodbye,
then I walk away under the moon light.

Will I ever see you again?
You said no and turned your back on me.
I’m left there to cry and slowly I will die.

Will you remember me when you’re the one alone?
Another day goes by, when we're not together.
Do you regret everything you said?
You made your choice, it’s too fucking late,
To turn back time, feeling lonely.
Try giving up, close your eyes,
try and move forward, so many things still holding you back.
You feel cold, you feel alone, together forever, but now you’re on your own.

Saying goodbye was the hardest part, as you told me your lies.
Is it so hard to look into my eyes? Please tell me you love me.
No escape from this, one thing in my mind.
Is this the only way out?

Say goodbye to the world, or live my life out.
Live through the pain,
day after day.
I’ll make my choice, I know I won’t be missed, your life carries on even after I’m gone like I didn’t exist.
Track Name: Escape myself
My body is so fucking tired.
I go on everyday just because I have to.
Will this life get any better?
Is this gonna have to be the way
I live my life?

I’m so fucking ashamed of what I’ve become.
Everyone who cares I always let down.
I need to get out of this place,
Escape to a new town.
Start a new life and
Hope I don’t feel like this.

I don’t want to feel like this anymore.

I have to lie to make this ok.
If you knew the truth you would only hate me more.
To live like this it’s killing me.

If you knew the truth you would only hate me more.
To live like this it’s killing me.